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Your ultimate guide to getting cheap flight tickets

Airfare prices can be a total nightmare. Often, you’ll have to settle for inconvenient times and days or spend a fortune so you can reach your destination in time. If you’re a frequent flier or just someone who enjoys a good bargain, you probably know that booking your ticket a few weeks in advance can help you save a few bucks but there are a number of methods that are even more successful at helping you cut a deal.

The first and perhaps most obvious tip is to understand the value of your ticket. In most cases, people would book the first ticket that works for their schedule, without bothering to look up the average price of the route. This wouldn’t be very useful if you have to fly at a specific date but if you’re flexible with your time – for instance, if you’re planning your vacation – take the time to research how much your ticket would cost at different times of the year. Sites such as or can help you compare the airfare ticket prices for various months and save yourself a substantial amount of money. Additionally, intuitive tools such as Google Flights can even show you how much money you’ll save if you travel a few days before or after your selected date, and allows you to sign-up and receive updates and notification if the ticket price changes.

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It’s also a good idea to start collecting air miles, even if you’re not a frequent flier (check out how to do so here: Take advantage of air mile points without even boarding a plane! If you want a cheap ticket, use your miles – this is the single most effective way to save money while travelling around. What’s more, if you’ve joined an airline’s loyalty program, you’re likely to also get free upgrades to first class. The most straightforward way to get air miles is by flying, but this isn’t very cost-effective (since for every mile you travel, you only get less than an air mile). Instead, sign up for a credit card that allows you to get air miles as you shop for everyday stuff such as groceries or your daily cup of coffee, or do your online shopping via airline’s shopping portals.

Last but not least, take your time to go through deal sites. Comparison sites might provide you with a great tool to compare prices between different airlines but they often neglect the cheapest results and bargain deals. Browse websites such as to take advantage of various offers and special deals you can book directly – this is the best way to reap the benefits of bargain travel. You’re most likely to get cheap flights if you’re flexible with your dates and times but always make sure you check all deal websites and do your research – a few days of browsing online can save you a fortune on airline tickets!

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