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Tricks and tips to save money on Southwest flights

Southwest: one of the best-kept secret in the airfare industry and an all-time favorite for budget travelers. With its low ticket fares, free choice seating and friendly crew, Southwest has established itself as one of the top budget airlines in the world but the goods news doesn’t end here: there are ways to save even more money when flying Southwest.

The first tip is booking online: Southwest offer more competitive rates if you book your ticket online, using the company’s website. Additionally, their ClickNSave program enables you to find the best deals even when you’re not looking. Select your home airport and subscribe to the program to receive notifications every time a new deal becomes available. You can customize several home airports which can save you a substantial amount on tickets – just make sure to check before you book, so you’re certain you’ve made the best decision.

Southwest Airlines

When it comes to rewards, few airlines can beat the amazing deals Southwest offer. Their Rapid Rewards program allows you to collect points virtually all the time – with every flight, travel experience and hotel stay you book. Additionally, you can accumulate extra points by eating at your favorite restaurants – just look up Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Dining program. Few people know that you can also win points through your credit card; check with your bank in advance before booking a ticket – the Chase Rapid Rewards card, for instance, gives you a free drink on-board every now and then. Talking about drinks, alcoholic drinks are actually free on certain holidays if you’re flying with Southwest – it hasn’t been confirmed officially, but the company’s birthday has been speculated to be one of them, so it’s always worth to check.

Additional ways in which you can save money when flying Southwest is by taking advantage of their special offers. Even though the company frequently offers tickets which are substantially cheaper than the same routes serviced by other carriers, Southwest is known to offer sweet discounts and amazing deals every now and then. The best strategy is to research prices, make sure Southwest offer the cheapest option (take into account any extras and perks you might want to add), and then head to their website to check out their special offers and book your ticket. What’s more, the company is actually actively trying to make sure you get the best deal. If you book in advance only to find that the price of your flight has dropped several weeks after, you’re entitled to a free rebooking as well as a refund in the form of flight credit – it’s a win-win situation!

Last but not least, Southwest are currently the only US carrier to allow free baggage checking so make sure you take advantage of their offer. You can get two luggage cases checked in, and even take two carry-ons in the cabin with you – holiday packing doesn’t sound like a nightmare now, does it?

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