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Travel hacks that will save you money

Flying is expensive, especially during holiday time. What if you could save a few bucks to spend on your family and loved ones instead this Christmas? Published writer and reporter Scott Keyes knows the importance of cheap airfare and in fact, he’s become so good at finding the best deals that he managed to organize an entire world trip – 13 countries and 21 flights… for free. He shared some of his favorite tips and tricks on how to score dirt cheap flight tickets and make the most out of your trip.

Do your research

searching for flights in all nearby airports

We simply can’t emphasize this enough: doing your research before you book your tickets is the best way to get cheap airfare. In this particular case, Scott Keyes advises on searching for flights in all nearby airports. This means all airports in your city or if you live in a smaller town, your local area. Sometimes this can save you thousands of dollars, even if you have to travel longer to get to the airport.

Be flexible with your travel times

If you’re planning a vacation, try to be as flexible as possible – this could mean the difference between an outrageously expensive flight and a much cheaper alternative. Websites such as Kayak and allow you to search your itinerary and destination for an entire month in advance – or, if you’re not constrained by time, you can check prices for flights throughout the entire year. Sometimes even a small difference of a couple of months, such as in the beginning and end of the month, could mean saving over a hundred of dollars.

Make sure you check Southwest

We’ve already talked about Southwest – one of the best US carriers in terms of perks and service you get for your money – but the thing about them is that their flights rarely show up at search engines such as Kayak. This, of course, means you’ll need to get out of your way to check them separately but trust us, it will be worth it. The same is true for any budget airfare company that might not be showing up when you do your aggregate search.

Don’t be too eager… but remember that the early bird gets the worm

What we mean by this is that you need to book at the right time. Booking too early means you risk your ticket being relisted at a lower price further on, and booking too close to departure usually means prices will skyrocket. Instead, wait until around 1-3 months before your trip – this is when you’re most likely to get better deals for any domestic flights, and around 6 months if you’re flying to an international location.

With these tips in mind, you should most certainly be equipped with everything you need to find cheap airfare. However, if you want to save yourself even more money, you might want to check our Travel Hacks that will save you money Vol. 2 piece – it’ll be worth the read!

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