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Things your flight attendant would love to share with you

Flights attendants are always impossibly polite and courteous but, behind their kind exterior, they’re humans just like the rest of us. The airline industry forbids flight attendants from sharing certain information with their passengers but some of these things can actually be of service to fliers.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common thoughts that’ll pop into your flight attendant’s head.

You’ll miss your connecting flight

Your flight is delayed but your flight attendant assures you that this will, in no way, prevent you from catching your connecting flight. But as you approach your destination and glance at the clock, an odd twisting sensation grips your stomach. Your flight attendant reassures you that your connecting flight will be held for you… while in reality, as they can think about is how unlikely it is to happen. It’s just airline policy.

Don’t be greedy with the complimentary drinks

The cart with complimentary food and drinks approaches you and with a wide smile, the flight attendant asks you what you’ll have so you start listing – a coke, a whiskey, maybe an orange juice too, oh, and a glass of water if that isn’t too much of a bother.

Well, it is, but your flight attendant will never tell you this. Even though it’s definitely not fair to the other passengers and especially the people waiting to get their drinks and food as well, telling you that you can’t have more than one or two drinks might cause the airline crew their job.

What flight attendant would love to share with you

Listen to the instructions

Imagine you’re sharing a vital piece of information with someone – information that might save or cost them their lives, depending on how well they listen. And imagine seeing a few dozen rows of disinterested people, browsing through their phones or listening to music as you talk. This is how your flight attendant feels when they’re going over the safety instructions and regulations. They don’t talk because they like the sound of their voice; they’re carrying out the rules set by the FAA and are essentially doing what they’re paid to do (apart from risking a hefty fine if they fail to do so). There’s a reason for these rules and regulations and besides, it’s a simple courtesy you can extend to your flight attendant.

We’re afraid of turbulence as well

Yeah, that’s right – you’re not the only one who’s terrified of flying and starts sweating when the plane shakes even a little. Most of your fellow passengers are afraid of turbulence and so is your cabin crew. But if they’re doing their best to cover it up with a smile, so can you!

Please, don’t forget your manners

Your flight attendant isn’t your maid or waitress and is definitely not there to serve you. So when you see someone from the flight crew going out of their way to cater to your needs, please make sure to remember your manners. Something as simple as saying “thank you” and “please” can brighten up your flight attendant’s entire day.

Please do share your ideas, what flight attendant would love to share with us!

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