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We have already covered the basics of navigating the airport faster and with greater ease. However, if you truly want to master the art of boarding on and off your plane in the quickest way possible, make sure to read the rest of our tips and tricks: ...continue reading "Get through the airport faster with these hacks vol. 2"


If you’re flying on a regular basis, you’ve probably thought a lot about joining an airline’s loyalty program. However, with this decision come a myriad of questions – which is the best program and how long should you wait before you redeem your points? And is the price of joining actually worth the perks? To answer these and others questions, team decided to debunk some of the most common frequent flyer myths: ...continue reading "Frequent Flyer: Myths and Truths"

Travelling first-class is certainly an experience worth having. The price of the ticket, however, might not be so appealing – unless you know these simple tricks that can help you get bumped to first-class for free. ...continue reading "Get bumped to first class with these simple tips"