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You already know the basics of finding cheap accommodation but we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves. We’ve gathered some of the simplest and most effective travel hacks that will make your vacation truly feel like one. See for yourself how you can get a great deal on your room and travel with style: ...continue reading "Best Travel Hacks for Scoring Cheap Accommodation volume 2"


If you’re flying on a regular basis, you’ve probably thought a lot about joining an airline’s loyalty program. However, with this decision come a myriad of questions – which is the best program and how long should you wait before you redeem your points? And is the price of joining actually worth the perks? To answer these and others questions, team decided to debunk some of the most common frequent flyer myths: ...continue reading "Frequent Flyer: Myths and Truths"

Flying first class is most certainly one of the greatest perks of flying but the average flier can rarely afford to upgrade their seat. We’ve already covered a few ways you can get a flight upgrade for free but in most cases, you’ll need a bit of luck to take advantage of these. If you don’t feel particularly lucky, however, here’s how you can get a flight upgrade: ...continue reading "Get a flight upgrade: 5 easy ways to fly with style"