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Flying can be a stressful experience even for those of us who do it on a regular basis. Being prepared and knowing how to get the most out of your ticket, however, can make the experience a thousand times more pleasant. We’ve gathered some of the most useful travel hacks that even some of the frequent fliers are oblivious too – take a look, and take note to make your next air trip feel like a breeze. ...continue reading "The best travel hacks"

Being able to check your bags for free doesn’t sound like a huge thing but can nevertheless make you feel awesome. Avoiding the check-in fees, however, is becoming more and more difficult. American was the first airline to introduce checked-bag fees in 2008 and the rest of the industry has followed rapidly to the point that finding a carrier that doesn’t charge you for checking in your luggage sounds nearly impossible. However, there are still ways in which you can dodge those annoying check-in fees and make your travels a bit cheaper: ...continue reading "The art of checking a bag for free"

Most of us are familiar with flight etiquette, or, at the very least, aware that such exists. Certain types of behaviours are frowned upon and some might even get you taken out of the plane prior to departure. However, in some cases you might be bumped off your flight even if you’ve done nothing wrong – it’s simply airline’s policy. ...continue reading "Reasons why your airline might bump you off your flight"


If you’re flying on a regular basis, you’ve probably thought a lot about joining an airline’s loyalty program. However, with this decision come a myriad of questions – which is the best program and how long should you wait before you redeem your points? And is the price of joining actually worth the perks? To answer these and others questions, team decided to debunk some of the most common frequent flyer myths: ...continue reading "Frequent Flyer: Myths and Truths"