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Flying first class is most certainly one of the greatest perks of flying but the average flier can rarely afford to upgrade their seat. We’ve already covered a few ways you can get a flight upgrade for free but in most cases, you’ll need a bit of luck to take advantage of these. If you don’t feel particularly lucky, however, here’s how you can get a flight upgrade: ...continue reading "Get a flight upgrade: 5 easy ways to fly with style"


Getting your flight upgraded is most certainly one of the best feelings in life – especially if it doesn’t cost you a penny. What, you didn’t think that was possible? Well, according to frequent flier and points expert Gilbert Ott, even the ordinary occasional flier can get a free upgrade without having to use any of their air miles. The key to getting a free flight upgrade – and, in general, scoring cheap tickets - is to be flexible. ...continue reading "How to get a free flight upgrade"