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Who knows all the little secrets that airlines NEVER want you to figure out?

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Did you know that 40 years ago you were able to fly from New York to Houston in less than two hours and 37 minutes? Today, the same route will probably take an hour longer. Given the fact that technology and air travel have seen amazing innovations over the past forty years, this trend seems alarming but the answer is actually pretty simple. ...continue reading "The real reason why air travel is slower than 40 years ago"


No one likes to be overcharged but unfortunately, companies know we are more than willing to pay convenience and airline companies on particular are more than eager to take full advantage of it. Airfare tickets are often your biggest expense when travelling, either domestically or abroad but the good news is that there are still some amazing tricks left that can help you get a better deal. Browse our list of tips below and save a fortune on your next flight ticket: ...continue reading "Master the art of finding cheap airfare tickets volume 1"

Traveling and taking vacations are memorable experiences but the catch is always getting there. Confusing airports and busy terminals, lost luggage, tight cramped quarters, poor service and delay after delay after delay… This is often the reality faced by passengers world-wide and while some airlines are better than others, there are definitely those that are worse than others as well. ...continue reading "Worst Airlines in the World"