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Stop doing this now: habits your flight attendant desperately wants you to give up

Travelling for extended periods of time, often with long layovers in between flights, small seats, and poor quality food: flying is rarely a pleasurable activity and as such, it often brings out the worst in people. Crying babies and people taking their shoes off only to proudly display them on your armrest are things most of us have had to deal with once or twice. For some, however, these are an everyday occurrence – yes, we’re talking about your flight crew. Take a look at some of the most annoying things passengers do while on board:

Being impolite

It might not sound as something terrible but impolite behavior – such as not saying hello or goodbye to your crew can seriously annoy them. Don’t touch your flight attendant or, even worse, snap your fingers to get their attention. In this line of thought, ignoring the safety presentation is another common impolite behavior; your flight attendant is not going over this because she or he likes it but because your safety and security is the most integral part of their job.

Food cart related disasters

Think about your timing when the food or beverage cart arrives and stop trying to shove your trash when the flight attendant is handing out the meals. Also, make sure you have a rough idea of what you want before the cart has reached you; asking questions such as “What do you have” is a huge no-no – just browse the menu and make your choice in advance. If you’re ordering coffee, make sure you specify how you take it – there’s no way your flight attendant can know if you like milk, cream or sugar.

As far as food is concerned, it’s best to accept that sometimes you might not get your first meal choice and this shouldn’t mean the end of the world. Remember – you’re on a plane, thousands of feet up in the air, rather than in your favorite five-star restaurant.

Using the toilet during descent

There’s a reason why the cabin crew asks you to remain in your seat during take-off and landing, and this is literally the worst time to use the toilet. This causes delays and can seriously annoy both your fellow passengers and your flight attendant. Wait a couple more minutes and use the toilets in the airport. In fact, never use the lavatory when you can see the seat belt is on.

Going barefoot

Just don’t! If you’ve ever thought you can just walk into the lavatory barefoot (or with your socks on), think about it again. You wouldn’t walk into a public toilet without your shoes, would you?

Impolite passenger

Also, refrain from putting your foot on your fellow passengers’ seats or armrests, barefoot or not.

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