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Secret perks to take advantage on your next flight

The price of air tickets can often make your flight feel more like a nightmare than a get-away. One of the best-kept secrets of the industry, however, is that most passengers don’t get what they’ve paid for… simply because they don’t know they can ask for those things. Flight attendants share some of the secret perks passengers can – and should – take advantage of when flying, and these will often cost you nothing. See how to make your next flight more bearable for free:

Get a full can of soda

Have you noticed how your flight attendant will only pour half of the soda can in your cup? This could be particularly annoying when they fill the rest of the cup with ice. Be a smarter passenger and next time, ask for a whole can – your flight attendant will be happy to oblige.

Medicine and first-aid supplies

Flight attendants warn that these largely depends on the airline regulations but most major carriers will be equipped with basic medications such as painkillers and antacids. In case you cut yourself on the flight, you can also ask for a Band-Aid – you’ll get them free of charge.

Alcohol… for free

Drinking might calm your nerves if you’re an anxious flier. What stops most people is the – often false – assumption that alcohol will cost them a fortune if they order it on board. The truth is that many companies still offer free alcoholic beverages – take Alaska Airlines, for example, who are known to serve free beer to its passengers on all of its routes. The US Airways, on the other hand, offers complimentary wine on international flights, and Delta goes a step further offering a range of free wines, beers and spirits. Amongst the European airlines, Lufthansa is the one best-known for having a wide range of alcoholic beverages you can take advantage of – completely free of charge!

Hot chocolate

Forget the basics: what’s better than a cup of steaming hot chocolate when traveling abroad? All companies offer tea or coffee in some form but companies such as the Virgin Atlantic and the Southwest Airlines are known for offering hot chocolate to their passengers too. And if you’re flying with Qantas, make sure you take advantage of it – they prepare their hot chocolate with the world-famous Cadbury chocolates which will most certainly make for a fantastic trip.

Grooming products

Last minute hair or beard disaster? Worry not and don’t shy away from asking your flight attendant for a grooming kit. On longer flights, most airline companies will stock on products such as pens, combs, and earplugs, as well as playing cards, and the Emirates even offer shaving items, socks, and toothbrushes.


If the tiny size of the complementary snacks offered on flights annoys you, then you’ll be delighted to hear that you can get more snacks for free. Just ask for seconds and if there are any leftovers after your fellow passengers have been served, your flight attendant will be happy to oblige.

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