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Save money on your next trip with these fantastic travel hacks!

Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices just to get from point A to point B? Most of us are and the price of air travel becomes a nightmare around Christmas time. Knowing the tricks of the industry, however, can save you a significant amount of money and make your next trip cheaper and more enjoyable – here’s the knowledge you need to snag the cheapest flight available:

Start using Honey

Honey is a browser extension that can help you save quite a few bucks on air travel. It scours the web, looking for coupons and discounts available for the particular website you’re using – and this includes airline companies, too. All you need to do is download and add the extension, purchase your ticket and click the Honey button – it will automatically apply the coupon to your order, if such is available.

Get familiar with sales dates

Why pay the full price when you can snag the same flight for half the money? Most airlines have particular days on which they release discount tickets and sale fares. Virgin Australia, for instance, has a Thursday Happy Hour; bear in mind that, to take advantage of their amazing deals you need to sign up for their email alert. Sign up for as many airline companies as possible and check your mail on a regular basis to make sure you don’t miss a fantastic deal.

Master the incognito mode

It’s a common misconception that all you need to do to get a cheaper ticket is refresh the page. In reality, airline companies monitor demand by looking at your cookies, so the more times you refresh the page, the more likely it is that the price for your selected flight will skyrocket. To counter this mechanism, simply clear your cookies or use incognito mode.

Free amenities

Free amenities

Most airlines can offer you amenities free of charge if you know how to ask for them. Alcohol and grooming kits, as well as certain medications, can be made available for guests on flights upon demand. Many hotels can do the same and provide you with a free adapter (these can cost a fortune if you’re travelling abroad) or a phone charger, as well as various electronics or workout gear. All you need to do is ask (politely)!

Fly early… or late

The reasoning behind this travel hack is simple: demand and price are closely linked, so the more in demand a flight is, the more expensive it’ll be. To save yourself a small fortune, choose to fly either early in the morning, or late at night – these times will often come with a significantly cheaper fare. Bear in mind that this is only true for leisure flights, and if you want to fly a business route, it’s best to choose a mid-day flight (most business travelers would opt for an early flight).

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