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Airfare prices can be a total nightmare. Often, you’ll have to settle for inconvenient times and days or spend a fortune so you can reach your destination in time. If you’re a frequent flier or just someone who enjoys a good bargain, you probably know that booking your ticket a few weeks in advance can help you save a few bucks but there are a number of methods that are even more successful at helping you cut a deal. ...continue reading "Your ultimate guide to getting cheap flight tickets"


Getting your flight upgraded is most certainly one of the best feelings in life – especially if it doesn’t cost you a penny. What, you didn’t think that was possible? Well, according to frequent flier and points expert Gilbert Ott, even the ordinary occasional flier can get a free upgrade without having to use any of their air miles. The key to getting a free flight upgrade – and, in general, scoring cheap tickets - is to be flexible. ...continue reading "How to get a free flight upgrade"

Air miles are a great way to save a few bucks when flying or get a free upgrade now and then. Most people mistakenly believe that air miles can only be collected if you’re a frequent traveler, which is in true but only in part. A well-kept airfare secret is that you can actually collect air miles without even boarding a plane. ...continue reading "Take advantage of air mile points without even boarding a plane!"

You’ve spent hours exploring flight options and are finally content that you’ve found the cheapest option to get to your destination. You book your ticket, enter your credit card information, sit back and... no, not yet: first, you need to pay extra to choose your seat, check a bag or two (prepare to pay extra if it’s even a pound over the weight limit), and of course make sure you purchase a meal for during the flight! ...continue reading "Baggage & premium seat fee? Forget about hidden airline fees with these tips!"


Flight tickets’ prices are going through the roof, especially during the holiday season. And while you can try to find a budget accommodation, or save yourself the expenses of eating out or buying souvenirs, well, it’s not like you can choose an alternative mode of travel if the airline tickets are too expensive for you. Or can you?

Even though flight tickets are often the greatest expense of your trip, you can still travel on a budget if you’re smart about it and understand how the airline travel works. Prices are determined based on competition, demand and supply, and oil prices and though you can’t do much about these four factors, you can still score cheap flights if you know how to look for them. ...continue reading "Cut your airfare expenses with these tips and tricks"