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Navigate the airport like a pro with these travel hacks

Rushing through the airport with a few minutes till your departure, only to get stuck in a crowd of lost fellow passengers? We’ve all been there. Finding your way around an airport, especially a busy one, can be an incredibly stressful experience but luckily, AirlineTicketsBooking team is here to help you out. Check out our tips on how to navigate the airport like a pro:

Go for off-pick flights

An empty airport can be a real bliss. Go for off-pick flights, especially overnight ones, and try to steer clear of larger airports. Apart from saving you the annoyance of bumping into fellow passengers, it will also mean shorter lines, less crowded commutes, and traffic.

Go left

There’s a peculiar psychological phenomenon we all fall victims to: when there are two lines, most of us would always rush to the one on the right. According to experts, this happens because the majority of us are right-handed; the reason, however, isn’t of that much importance – what it is the fact that you can avoid waiting for hours in a line by simply going to the left security or check-in line.

Another counter-intuitive hack that works is picking the line with the fewest agents. If there are two agents at one line, this usually means one of them is a trainee which means more mistakes – and longer waiting time for you.

Thirsty? Freeze your water

If you’ve traveled at least once in your life, you know you can’t really bring water or any other liquids on board. There are ways to avoid this, though some of them are riskier than others. Most agents won’t have a problem with you as long as you freeze your liquids – just make sure they don’t melt by the time you reach the airport. A riskier option is to pack densely and hide your liquids in between shoes, cables, and electronics. The more items there are in your luggage, the lower the chances they’ll be picked by the x-ray machine.

Or, you know, you can always just bring an empty bottle and use the water fountains (most airports have one) to avoid the exorbitant water costs.

Free Wi-Fi

Having to wait for hours for your connecting flights with no Wi-Fi can be a nightmare. One of the best tricks we’ve learned is sitting near the lounge – most lounges will have a signal that’s strong enough to reach past their doors, so if you sit outside you might get lucky enough to pick it. Another way to browse the Internet for free without paying an outrageous amount of money is to check FourSquare – users often post and share wi-fi passwords.

You may find an interactive Wi-Fi map with passwords here.

Equipped with these tips and tricks, your next air trip should feel more like a vacation and less like a nightmare. If you want to learn how to get the best deals and score some free perks and upgrades along the way, make sure to check on a regular basis!

Have you got any successful airport hack? Share them below!

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