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Master the art of finding cheap airfare tickets volume 1

No one likes to be overcharged but unfortunately, companies know we are more than willing to pay convenience and airline companies on particular are more than eager to take full advantage of it. Airfare tickets are often your biggest expense when travelling, either domestically or abroad but the good news is that there are still some amazing tricks left that can help you get a better deal. Browse our list of tips below and save a fortune on your next flight ticket:

Clear your cookies

Cookies are bits and pieces of information about your online browsing habits that can make scoring a cheap airfare ticket a nightmare. Airline and travel websites use this information to decide whether a certain flight is in demand, so the more times you refresh their site to check if the price has dropped, the higher the demand will appear – and with the demand skyrocketing, so does the price.

Clear your cookies, or use Incognito mode instead (all you need to do is select the option ‘open a new tab in incognito mode’) – trust us, the results will be worth it.

Get social

Follow your favorite and not-so-favorite airlines on social media. In the past, airlines have been known to release last-minute deals to their social media fans – deals that you can’t access otherwise. Also, they will often post deals and special offers to their Twitter followers and Facebook fans but make sure you act quickly to snatch them as most of them are time-limited or a subject to availability. To make the most out of social media, make sure you go to the airline’s Facebook page and tick the option to receive a notification for every post – in this way, you can ensure you never miss an opportunity to get a good deal.

Go straight to the source

Most of us use travel search engines to find our flights. Websites such as Kayak and are generally wonderful ways to compare and contrast prices but in some cases, going straight to the source – a.k.a. the airline’s direct website – might yield better benefits. Many airlines will host special ‘secret’ sales for those who browse their websites; according to various sources, these airlines include Aer Lingus, Iberia and Qantas so if you plan on flying with them, make sure you also check their website before making a purchase.

Know your rights

You’ll be surprised to know how many people don’t know about the 24-hour rule. If you’re amongst them, you will be delighted to know that you have a right to cancel your flight within 24 hours of you buying it. This could be great for buyers’ remorse purchases or for when you’ve stumbled upon a cheaper flight or a better deal just after you’ve bought your ticket.

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