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Get through the airport faster with these hacks vol. 2

We have already covered the basics of navigating the airport faster and with greater ease. However, if you truly want to master the art of boarding on and off your plane in the quickest way possible, make sure to read the rest of our tips and tricks:

Upgrade your ticket

If you’re flying with different airlines, this might not necessarily be the most cost-effective option. If you’re a loyal customer of one or two carriers, however, opting for their rewards system can significantly improve the quality of your travels. In most cases, if you fly often enough, you’ll get perks such as priority boarding or flight privileges; however, experts advise on upgrading your ticket even if you don’t make the highest status.

Know where to put your carry-on

You should always try to store your carry-on at the front of the plane even if you’re sitting at the furthest end, right? Well, not necessarily. Even though it sounds right in theory, in practice it creates a greater traffic jam and delays you and your fellow passengers.

If you store your carry-on in the first front bin available, you’re forcing the passengers who have actually booked this seats, to go to the back and put their carry-ons there. When it’s time to land, they have to go all the way to the back, get their carry-on and make their way forward. As a rule of thumb, always store your carry-on close to your seat – it will save you and your fellow passenger a ton of time.

Book strategically

A four-hour layover or half-an-hour wait between your connecting flights? Most people hold the mistaken belief that the shorter the wait, the more time they’ll save but in reality, missing your connection flight might cost you not only extra time but more money.

Experts advise on booking connecting flights at least an hour and a half apart. This allows you to take into account for any delays on the original flight and gives you plenty of time to get a snack before you catch your next plane. And with delays being the norm recently – especially for frequent travelers – planning and booking strategically is a must.

Position yourself next to the business class desk

One of our favorite airport hacks is actually surprisingly simple. Consider the queue before you check-in for your next flight: stay close to the business class desk as occasionally, the company reps might take in people from the economy line to speed up the process. An extra tip is choosing the line on your left – most people prefer to queue on the right because their right hand is their dominant one.

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