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We have already covered the basics of navigating the airport faster and with greater ease. However, if you truly want to master the art of boarding on and off your plane in the quickest way possible, make sure to read the rest of our tips and tricks: ...continue reading "Get through the airport faster with these hacks vol. 2"


Going through the airport is hardly anyone’s idea of a fun day. Navigating the alleys and hallways and trying to get to your gate before the final announcement can be a nightmare… unless you’re equipped with our tips and tricks on how to make the entire thing feel like a breeze. Browse airlineticketsbooking’s advice on getting through the airport hassle-free: ...continue reading "Get through the airport faster with these hacks vol. 1"

Does the thought of going to the airport make you sweat? It doesn’t have to! Navigating the airport for your next flight can be a breeze – just follow our tips on how to recognize and avoid the biggest airport mistakes: ...continue reading "Avoid these big airport mistakes"

Have you ever wondered about what airline passengers have in common? The truth is – not that much. In fact, recent earnings call held by the United Airlines revealed an interesting trend, namely that 85% of their customers fly less than once a year but account for only around 50% of the company’s revenues. ...continue reading "Airline passengers are not equal"

Did you know that 40 years ago you were able to fly from New York to Houston in less than two hours and 37 minutes? Today, the same route will probably take an hour longer. Given the fact that technology and air travel have seen amazing innovations over the past forty years, this trend seems alarming but the answer is actually pretty simple. ...continue reading "The real reason why air travel is slower than 40 years ago"

The price of air tickets can often make your flight feel more like a nightmare than a get-away. One of the best-kept secrets of the industry, however, is that most passengers don’t get what they’ve paid for… simply because they don’t know they can ask for those things. Flight attendants share some of the secret perks passengers can – and should – take advantage of when flying, and these will often cost you nothing. See how to make your next flight more bearable for free: ...continue reading "Secret perks to take advantage on your next flight"

In the first part of the article, we shared some of the most fool-proof techniques for scoring a cheap flight. Most of them are common knowledge but it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge. If you’ve tried these tips but you want to see if you can drop your airfare expenses even more, check out the second half of our “Master the art of finding cheap airfare tickets” piece: ...continue reading "Master the art of finding cheap airfare tickets volume 2"


No one likes to be overcharged but unfortunately, companies know we are more than willing to pay convenience and airline companies on particular are more than eager to take full advantage of it. Airfare tickets are often your biggest expense when travelling, either domestically or abroad but the good news is that there are still some amazing tricks left that can help you get a better deal. Browse our list of tips below and save a fortune on your next flight ticket: ...continue reading "Master the art of finding cheap airfare tickets volume 1"

Travelling for extended periods of time, often with long layovers in between flights, small seats, and poor quality food: flying is rarely a pleasurable activity and as such, it often brings out the worst in people. Crying babies and people taking their shoes off only to proudly display them on your armrest are things most of us have had to deal with once or twice. For some, however, these are an everyday occurrence – yes, we’re talking about your flight crew. Take a look at some of the most annoying things passengers do while on board: ...continue reading "Stop doing this now: habits your flight attendant desperately wants you to give up"

Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices just to get from point A to point B? Most of us are and the price of air travel becomes a nightmare around Christmas time. Knowing the tricks of the industry, however, can save you a significant amount of money and make your next trip cheaper and more enjoyable – here’s the knowledge you need to snag the cheapest flight available: ...continue reading "Save money on your next trip with these fantastic travel hacks!"