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The best travel hacks

Flying can be a stressful experience even for those of us who do it on a regular basis. Being prepared and knowing how to get the most out of your ticket, however, can make the experience a thousand times more pleasant. We’ve gathered some of the most useful travel hacks that even some of the frequent fliers are oblivious too – take a look, and take note to make your next air trip feel like a breeze.

Booking a ticket

Paying an outrageous amount of money for a ticket is probably the most stressful part of the experience. If you want to save yourself a few bucks, book two one-way ticketsthey are almost always cheaper than the round-trip one. Also, if you don’t want to splurge on business or first class ticket, look for economy tickets with a Y or B booking codes – this increases your chances of getting a free upgrade.

In terms of prices, non-US carriers almost always offer better deals on airfare than US airlines – not just in terms of tickets but free and better amenities too. Spend some time to research flights and planes and, if you have the opportunity to choose, fly on a Boeing 767. The design of the plane is such that it has fewer middle seats which automatically means more comfortable flight.

Buyer remorse

Impulsive purchase? We’ve all had those days. Just don’t forget that you have 24 hours to get a full refund on your ticket, no questions asked.


The dreaded moment of trying to close your luggage only to realize it’s way too full for that. Travel hacks that make packing easier are certainly the most useful ones and can make your entire air trip a far more pleasant experience. Start by rolling your clothes up and packing them in air-compression bags – in this way, they take less space than when folded. Consider going for darker clothes (especially blazers, trousers and jackets) as they’re great for matching outfits… plus, you can hide stains and spots more easily. Use your shoes as extra space by rolling up your socks and putting them inside. Also, store the heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase – this will keep it balanced.

Prepare a go-bag of essential items, and keep your cables and charges nearby. Or, even better, invest in a spare set and put them in a bag that you’ll always carry around.

Flight perks

Starving on board? Ask for a kosher or a vegetarian mealthe crew tend to prepare these faster than classic meals. To make your jet lag disappear (or at least, more bearable), skip the caffeine, alcohol and heavily processed foods and hydrate yourself with water instead.

Jet lag prevention plan

Jat lag prevention plan

Make sure you also download your airline’s app – it will give you all the flight info you need and in some cases, might even inform you of current offers and deals.

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