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Baggage & premium seat fee? Forget about hidden airline fees with these tips!

You’ve spent hours exploring flight options and are finally content that you’ve found the cheapest option to get to your destination. You book your ticket, enter your credit card information, sit back and... no, not yet: first, you need to pay extra to choose your seat, check a bag or two (prepare to pay extra if it’s even a pound over the weight limit), and of course make sure you purchase a meal for during the flight!

In the early days of airline travel, booking a ticket was pretty straightforward: one price got you on your flight, secured you a number of bags, as well as a warm meal and a cup of steaming coffee to enjoy while you approach your destination.

The truth is however that the above-mentioned costs aren’t exactly a necessity: they’re hidden fees most of us pay because we don’t know there’s a way around them. Take premium-seat fees, for instance – most airlines charge extra for the seats on the front rows, near the exists and those closest to the aisle. You still consider this a necessity rather than a luxury? Well, the good news is that showing up early at the airport and exchanging a few pleasant words with the agent can easily get you a better seat without having to pay an outrageous fee for it. Since most of us don’t like to pay for premium seats, most of them don’t sell out anyway.

Airport luggage

Great, so you’ve secured yourself an extra legroom space but what about your luggage? Baggage fees are amongst the most annoying hidden airline fees we have to deal with. The most obvious solution is traveling light but this might not always be possible. A nifty trick is researching airlines in advance as some of them let you check more than just one bag for free. Additionally, most airlines have loyalty programs and reward points too, with the most common perk being a free bag. What’s more, you can always take your bag through security and then volunteer to have it checked in for free at the gate: not only would you not have to stuff it under your seat, but the flight attendants will actually appreciate it!

Last but not least, another fee you can easily avoid by being smart about it is the so-called “change fee”. Most airlines will charge you if you want to change the details of your reservation and this fee can go up to as much as $175. So, what can you do in case you must change your flight details?

Even with non-refundable tickets, most airlines will have a 24-hour change or cancellation policy. You can’t really use that after the 24 hours are over but it could come in handy if you’ve booked a flight for the wrong month or year. The only other way to avoid this fee is to purchase travel insurance: in most cases, insurance isn’t really worth the money but it could be a life-saver if you have a reason to believe you might need to chance your plans at any time after booking your ticket.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas on how to avoid hidden airline fees!

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