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Avoid these big airport mistakes

Does the thought of going to the airport make you sweat? It doesn’t have to! Navigating the airport for your next flight can be a breeze – just follow our tips on how to recognize and avoid the biggest airport mistakes:

Not bringing food

Well, you only have a two-hour gap between your flights, and it’s not that long, is it, so you don’t really need to pack food, right? Your stomach will probably disagree and drive you to the nearest restaurant and it’s no secret that airport food can be outrageously expensive (and usually not because of its quality). Packing a snack in your carry-on luggage is not only cheaper but more convenient too, and can come in handy if you get held up in security and have to race through the airport to catch your plane. Just steer clear of any salad dressings, yogurt and soups – anything else is fare game.

Not dressing appropriately

Gone are the times when people had to have a ‘flight-appropriate’ attire but this doesn’t mean that you can just put anything on and call it a day. Dress for comfort on the plane – layers are your best choice, but also make sure you dress appropriately for the security line. Go with pants that don’t require you wear a belt as most airports will ask you to take it off. Put on shoes that you can easily take off (zippers are a big no-no, too) and put your jewelry and watch in your hand luggage rather than on your wrist or around your neck.

Not having your bag checked in for free at the gate

If you have already checked one bag, you might as well let the flight attendant take your carry-on luggage and check it in as well. Most flights will be packed which means there is just not enough space in the overhead bins; in this case, the gate agent will likely announce it and ask for any volunteers – there’s no reason not to let them take your bag. If it’s bulky and uncomfortable, you can even ask – most agents will be happy to oblige. Just make sure you have everything you need on the plane, such as your phone, wallet and devices, put it in a bag that can fit under the seat and voila – talk about traveling light!

Using the airport Wi-Fi and sending personal information through

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is assuming that ‘free’ Wi-Fi also means ‘safe’ Wi-Fi. In reality, public networks such as the airport Wi-Fi are anything but secure, so make sure you never type in any personal information such as your passwords, your IDs. Being Facebook hacked will be the least of your concerns.

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